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Questions & Answers

How can I contact customer support?

You can contact us from our page "Contact Us" or directly by email for any support questions and we will do our best to answer you within 24 hours. The email address to reach us is:

What is the difference between 911/964 the Clear Glass Lenses and the Clear Glass Rennline Style lenses?

The clear glass lenses have a round profile that is similar to the lenses used on the Porsche 356 model.  However, Rennline recently release a new design that offers the same shape as the standard H4 fluted lenses but with clear glass.

 What type of lenses can I used on the 911/964 headlights?

You can install Porsche any 911 H4 type lenses or 356 lensees on the Flat6 headlights.

How can I connect the 911/964 LED Angel Eyes to use it as Day Running Lights (DRL)?

The LED Angel Eyes have a switchback capability between white and amber colors like what is found on modern cars. However, Porsche of those years do not have DRL specific wiring. Therefore, most of our customers are connecting the white color with the parking light wire and the amber with the turn signal wire already in the headlight bucket. 

Can the 911/964 existing painted trim ring be re-used?

The Flat6 headlights are using Trim Rim Cover part no 911.631.141.00.
As shown on the attached picture if your exiting rims do not have any hole for adjustment then you should be able to reuse it on these headlights.

How does the 911/964 fluted lens effect the output / beam pattern / brightness / diffusion of a projector LED?

Regarding the light pattern, the cut-off line of the Bi-LED beam is less sharp with fluted lenses but it does not impact the lighting performance

The description states light output is 6400 Lumens, is it total or per lamp? 

It is 6400 Lumens based on 60 Watts projectors for both headlights together.

What is the light temperature of the light output?

The light temperature is equivalent to 5500K.

How to adapt the 993 wiring to replace Litronic headlights?

As it is mentioned in the product page the 993 Flat6 headlights are not plug & play for the Litronic headlight connector.
However, you can adapt the wiring to the following configuration to make it work:
- Pin 1: Low Beam, connected to the fuse box low beam fuse.
- Pin 2: not connected
- Pin 3: High Beam connected to the fuse box high beam fuse.
- Pin 4: Connected to the ground.

The pins 3 and 4 are supposed to be wired the same way on the standard halogen headlight as it is in the litronic so no modification should be necessary.
The Flat6 illumination headlight is only using the pins 1, 3 and 4 as shown on the attached picture..
If you have litronic headlights you need to ensure that pin 1 will bring regular 12v current from the fuse box as it is on the halogen headlight.